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PSA: Maybe Get Yourself An R/C Car?

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Photo: Rory Carroll

Even though most of us aren’t technically “stuck at home” now, the lucky and prudent among us are still going out into public spaces as little as possible—even if this is when we usually start to buy our Halloween stuff.


A lot of us are doing a lot less driving than we normally do, and since it’s just too damn hard for some people to simply spend $6500 to put together an iRacing rig, (or just admit they’re not hardcore gamers and buy a PS4) an R/C car might be just the ticket.

You may even have one in your house right now, quietly awaiting the landfill. If you don’t, have a few drinks to get the ol’ ordering finger warmed up and start shoveling what may or may not be your last paycheck into that famously still semi-functional and good sector of the economy, e-commerce.


And yes, some of these things are somewhat harder to come by than they should be in a developed nation such as this, but dig around! If all else fails eBay is chock full of people who suddenly know what they got, no lowballers.

That’s where I got good deal(?) on a whooped, modified Team Associated RC18B2 that was admittedly too fast for me to drive the first couple times out. (I know your car is faster. That’s awesome!) Now that I’ve sort of mastered the art of driving the thing without immediately doing a wheelie/backflip, I can be seen a few times a week ripping it up and down my mostly empty street and jumping it off of curbs. It’s not nearly as good as driving, but pinching that little accelerator and watching my little buggy go ripping down the street while I correct the oversteer does scratch a certain itch.


If going fast isn’t your thing, a little rock crawler can provide precious minutes of deeply satisfying, low-stakes time not spent thinking intubation entertainment. Maybe an adorable dragster or rally car, or drifty guy. For those who prefer cars that don’t run, a little kit packed with screws you can lose/ accidentally swallow. There are even little IRL Rocket League things for you to further alienate your cohabitants with.

In closing, let me be absolutely clear: being into R/C stuff doesn’t necessarily make you a dork. But if feeling like a dork has kept you from getting really into R/C stuff before, know that it’s Corona time. Nothing’s cool or good anymore. Do whatever you want, get into YA fiction. Nobody cares! Age of Horus baby!

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